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  Truck Driver Exam Tests, Assessments, & Testing - Saving Our Customers Millions Every Year with Fewer Accidents and Lower Insurance Rates Truck Driver Exam Tests, Assessments, & Testing - Saving Our Customers Millions Every Year with Fewer Accidents and Lower Insurance Rates
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Putting it simply, we offer a time-tested solution for assessing truck drivers and tracking the results. Truck Driver Exam Testing ServicesOur driver exam is a multi-part exam testing driver intelligence, factual knowledge, and personality.

These three sections of the exam test the whole driver not just how well he or she knows the regulations.  This approach gives you as a test administrator a better understanding of how well the driver will perform on the road and how likely he or she would be to leave the company or cause an accident.

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The Exam

Our driver exam consists of three distinct sections which include intelligence, factual knowledge and regulations, and driver personality.  The ExamThese three sections are configurable to create the perfect exam for your drivers.

The intelligence and driver personality sections test the driver's ability to perform well on the job.  A low intelligence or driver personality score would indicate that the driver may be prone to mistakes and incompetence which would result in increased accidents and a better chance of having to leave the company. 

The factual knowledge section tests how well the driver knows the regulations and facts for the type of truck and load he or she will be working with.  Options for this section include flatbeds, dry vans, moving vans, tank trucks, log trucks, reefers, pick up and delivery, cement trucks (mixers), pneumatic tanks, doubles/triples, and hazardous materials.

The exam is administered using our exclusive online tools which save you both time and money with your testing.  Please review our testing process to get a better idea of how we help you administer the exam.

More About The Driver Exam

Testing Process

The Scoring Process

Our scoring process began development in 1989 and and has been engineered through countless validation procedures into the mechanism we use today.  These validations are based on the results of hundreds of drivers currently working in numerous areas of the trucking industry.

We use advanced mathematical procedures to determine a relative score for a driver in each of the categories the individual was tested on.  This gives you as the test administrator an idea of how well the individual will perform as a driver for your company in every aspect of the job including intelligence, personality, and factual knowledge.  You can use this information to be selective with who you hire or to determine performance levels of your existing staff.

The Reports

An individualized report is issued for each driver once he or she has completed the exam.  This report includes a numeric score and percentile range.  The ReportingThis percentile score compares the driver with others in his same class telling you whether he or she falls into the "Below Average", "Average", or "Above Average" category.  The scores are also represented in a graphical format so that you can easily see how the driver did as well as easily compare scores from one driver to another.

A score is given for each of the three main categories and for each of the sub-sections within each main category.  A typical report would include scores in 15 areas the driver was tested in.  This level of detail gives you a useful analysis of the driver so that you may pinpoint his or her strengths and weaknesses and use that information in your decision-making.

Our truck driver exam gives you the tools you need to succeed in managing driving personnel in your company.  As a result, we have saved our clients millions of dollars in lower insurance premiums and reduced accident rates.

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